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Thank You!

We can not begin to express our love and thanks to the many friends and associates who have donated to the IanThom Foundation. Their generous and continued support are crucial to the ongoing fulfillment of our mission.


2014 PATRONS Mr. WIlliam Wheeler & Ms. Sue MacIntyre Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Gale
  Mr. & Mrs. Don Sundman  
2014 FRIENDS Mr. & Mrs. Charles Shreve

Ms. Susan Ludwig & Ms. Laura Olsen

  Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Smith Mr. & Mrs. Rick Snow
2014 SUPPORTERS Amazon Smile Mr. James Lytle
  Mr. Tom Lera Mr. & Mrs. Joe Was
  Mr & Mrs. Chip Pinckney Dr. Cheryl Ganz & Ms. Terry Sheahan
  Ms. Nancy Bearss & Ms. Jenni Lindsay Mr. Hank Willard
  Mr. James Lytle Mas. Pam Voelker
  Ms. Vanessa Griffin & Ms. Natalie Maiden Mr. & Mrs. Christian Asam
  Ms. Carolyn Owen Mr. & Mrs. John Juergens
  Ms. Janet Gale & Mr. Jeremy Gale Ms. Amy McCormick
  Ms. Colleen Greer Mr. & Mrs. Walt Pellish
  Mr. & Mrs. Garry Geffert Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Asam
  Ms. Cheryl Miller & Ms. Mary Beth Heine Mr. & Mrs. Eric Dunn
  Mr. & Mrs. Marc Briod  


Benefactor Over $5,000
Patron Over $1,000
Friend $500 to $999
Supporter $10 to $499

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