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We can not begin to express our love and thanks to the many friends and associates who have donated to the IanThom Foundation. Their generous and continued support are crucial to the ongoing fulfillment of our mission.

2011 BENEFACTORS The Estate of David Womack  
2011 PATRONS Martha Delaney Clifford & Valerie Smith
  Donald & Chacea Sundman* Mr. Jay Murpny
2011 FRIENDS Sharon Anderson Jeffrey & Christina Bryant
  Mary Donaldson & Susan Rees Susan & Laura Olsen
  Susan Macintyre & William Wheeler  
2011 SUPPORTERS Sharon Anderson* Nancy Bearss
  Marc & Judith Briod Jeff & Christina Bryant
  Jennifer Cain* Naomi Cohen
  Diana Colfack Hans Curnutte
  William Donahue Jr. Mary Donaldson
  Lynne & Randy Dudurich Claire duFief-Greer
  Cheryl & Brian Edgecombe James Elwyn Lytle
  James & Mary Eros Shane Evans*
  Jennifer Fogle* Christine Fyanes
  Cheryl Ganz* Gary & Hannah Geffert*
  Debbie Glaser & Dave Williams Andrea Green*
  Colleen Greer Angela Griffiths
  Mary Beth Heine Lily Hill*
  Catherine Irwin Janice & John Juergens
  Richard Kendall* Lori Kluber*
  Janet Klug* Jennifer Lindsay
  Nolan Lindstrom* John Logsdon
  Kristin Loken Jo Loonan*
  Mary Lowe Susan Ludwig
  Roger Mabery Rob Mahaffey*
  Ken Martin Bob & Tia McMillan
  John & Sarah Metzbower* Nancy Metzger*
  Cheryl Miller Mary Moorhouse
  Logan Musselwhite Christine & Terry Parfitt
  Sue & Walt Pelish* Charles Pierpont III
  Michael Pond Susan Rees
  Katherine & Philip Ryan Tiffany Sanders*
  Anthony Saylor* Susan & Timothy Sheehan*
  Rick & Holly Snow* Courtney Snyder*
  Pam Stolipher* Pamela Voelker*
  Dale & Hank Walter* Jason Ward*
  Joe & Laura Was Debbie & Tracy Wilt
  The Human Rights Campaign* Mr. Rich Weber
  Mr. Bob Alfandre Ms. Anne Mullen
  Ms. Lori Kluber Dr. Cheryl Ganz
  Ms. Deane Edelman  
* In Memory of David Womack


Benefactor Over $5,000
Patron Over $1,000
Friend $500 to $999
Supporter $10 to $499

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