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We can not begin to express our love and thanks to the many friends and associates who have donated to the IanThom Foundation. Their generous and continued support are crucial to the ongoing fulfillment of our mission.


2012 BENEFACTORS Ian Gibson-Smith Martha Delaney
2012 PATRONS    
2012 FRIENDS Joe Moenich Clifford and Valerie Smith
  William Wheeler and Sue MacIntyre Jeff and Christina Bryant
  Rick and Holly Snow  
2012 SUPPORTERS Dennis Chappell Dick and Kathy Klein
  Julianne Smith Susan Ludwig & Laura Olsen
  John Ferguson Jackie Lewis
  Pete & Dianna Saunders Ken & Tineka Mann
  John Doyle Christine Parfitt
  Lee and Demetria Claytor Mark and Judith Briod
  Jim and Linda Walker Catherine Irwin
  Dick and Kathy Klein Lily Hill
  Janet Klug Kat Tracey and Rik Mulligan
  Dennis Chappell Julianne Smith


Benefactor Over $5,000
Patron Over $1,000
Friend $500 to $999
Supporter $10 to $499

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