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Thank You!

We can not begin to express our love and thanks to the many friends and associates who have donated to the IanThom Foundation. Their generous and continued support are crucial to the ongoing fulfillment of our mission.


2013 PATRONS Mrs. Martha Delaney Mr. Ian Gibson-Smith
  Ms. Linda Meredith  
2013 FRIENDS Ken Drake and Charlie Almonte Dr. Cheryl Ganz
  Susan Ludwig and Laura Olsen Sue MacIntyre and William Wheeler
  Mr. & Mrs. Bob McMillan Jeff and Christina Bryant
2013 SUPPORTERS Cheryl Miller and Mary Beth Heine Ann and Dennis Small
  Betsy Tyson Robert Yates
  Walter and Sue Pellish Catherine Irwin
  Reva and Warren Mickey Quinn Jones
  Stephanie Hooton Amy Borntrager
  Jim Lytle David and Fleur Howgill
  Pamela Voelker Nancy Bearss and Jenni Lindsay
  Lori Kluber and Jo Loonan Bob and Mary Helen Strauch
  Hank Willard Janet Klug
  Cheryl Miller & Mary Beth Heine Stan and Rose Berman
  Anne Mullen Naomi Cohen
  Dick and Kathy Klein Tim and Susan Sheehan
  Jane McSwain Kristin Loken
  Joan Ergin David and Laurie Crosby
  Christine Parfitt Judy Lynn Prince and Bob Haimann
  Rick and Holly Snow Billy Madert and Victoria Slater
  Debbie Glaser and David Williams Randy and Lynne Dudurich
  Marc and Judith Briod Tracy and Debbie Wilt
  Jeffrey Gustafson and Stephen Skinner Julianne Smith
  Kathleen DeBold and Barbara Johnson Elizabeth Tyson
  John and Sarah Metzbower Reva Mickey
  Philip Cromwell Jen and Tommy Zentgraf
  Frank Calabrese John and Jan Juergens
  Ken and Tineka Mann Joe and Laura Lynn Gantzler-Was
  Garry and Hannah Geffert Dennis Chappell
  Betty and Ivan Severson  


Benefactor Over $5,000
Patron Over $1,000
Friend $500 to $999
Supporter $10 to $499

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