Events and Fundraisers


A fundraiser of some sort is held each year around November and we only solicit donations at that time. Everyone who wishes to, is invited, and please feel free to use the link on the left to contact us in order to receive an invitation

The first annual wine tasting fundraiser for the Foundation took place on Saturday, November 16th, 2002 at StagsHead and was a wonderful success. We raised over $20,000 at that time and special thanks must be given to Jeff and Christina Bryant for their extraordinary work in putting this all together, Malcolm Riddle of Premier Wine Cellars in Tysons Corner, Virginia for his help with the wine, Rik Mulligan, Kat Tracy, Valerie Smith, Julia Lam and many others, without whom this would not have been such a success. Pictures of the event will be posted here as they are available. (There are not too many, however, as for some reason most of them came out blurred - nothing to do with amount of wine that was consumed of course!)

The 2003 event was held on November 22, 2003 and was a champagne drink wine tasting that was attended by over 130 people and raised more than $12,000. As pictures become available I will post them here and I thank you all for your kind and generous donations.

The 2004 event was held on November 13, 2004 and, for the first time ever, I actually cooked! (and as botulism is such a social gaffe - no one died!). Wine flowed freely and I have a ton of poached salmon and beef bourginone left over. The event raised over $14,000 and was a wonderful evening.

The 2005 event was held on Saturday November 5, 2005. Although smaller in size, and more casual, we had a wonderful time dining on beef stew, burning "guys" (it was Guy Fawkes after all!) and dancing. Thank you all for your help!

The 2006 event was held on Saturday December 2nd and was, in my opinion, the most fun ever. 6 poached salmon with curry and green herb sauces, 9 steak and ale pies, 6 pavlovas and too many cases of wine to count! (If anyone has photographs, please send them!) We raised over $15,000 and, due to the new grant process, we have some wonderful new groups that will be receiving funds this year!

The 2007 event was held on Saturday, December 1st and was a smashing success, raising over $20,000! We had close to 85 people and served miso glazed tenderloins with a garlic horseradish cream, chicken bell pepper chili, herbed goat cheese sandwiches and desserts and wines.

The 2008 event was held on Saturday, December 13th and had the most folks ever! We raised just over $21,000 which, in this economic climate, is remarkable. As always, and trying to come up with new gastronomic delights, we had Lentil Ginger Soup, Crab Chowder, Corned Beef Pie and Chicken Ham and Fennel Pies along with our usual nibbly bits!

The 2010 event was held on Saturday, December 4th and featured salmon sandwiches, tenderloin chili, cardamom apple crisp and pavolvas. We raised over $20,000 and again wish to thank all our friends and family for their incredible support.



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