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Thank You!

We can not begin to express our love and thanks to the many friends and associates who have donated to the IanThom Foundation. Their generous and continued support are crucial to the ongoing fulfillment of our mission.

2008 BENEFACTORS Mr. Ian Gibson-Smith  
2008 PATRONS Ms. Sharon Anderson Dr. Mark Rusk, D.D.S.
2008 FRIENDS Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bryant Ms. Susan Ludwig & Ms. Laura Olsen
  Ms. Martha Delaney Mr. Larry Luttrell
  Ms. Polly Donaldson & Ms. Susan Rees Ms. Sue MacIntyre & Mr. William Wheeler
  Mr. & Mrs. Tim Gale  
2008 SUPPORTERS Ms. Johnna Armstrong & Mr. Paul Woods Mr. Rob Mahaffey
  Ms. Nancy Bearss & Ms. Jenni Lindsay Ms. Kathy Maiden
  Ms. Gloria Berg Ms. Kim Maiden
  Mr. Frank Calabrese Mr. & Mrs. Ken Mann
  Mr. Daniel Carlton Ms. Sue Marks
  Mr. Dennis Chappell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Martin
  Ms. Naomi Cohen Ms. Paula Miller
  Mr Hans Curnutte Mr. Joe Moenich & Mr. Gary Chappell
  Ms. Melinda Daniels & Ms. Nikki Appell Ms. Anne Mullen
  Ms. Kathleen Debold & Ms. Barbara Johnson Ms. Molly Murphy
  Mr. Bill Donahue Ms. Dawn Newland
  Ms. Susan Dubose Ms. Mary Olsen
  Mr. & Mrs. Eric Dunne Ms. Carolyn Owen
  Ms. Linda Edquist Mr. Charles Palmer
  Mr. & Mrs. John Fink Ms. Sue Pellish
  Mr. & Mrs. Mike Frasier Ms. Joan Piemme
  Ms. Chris Fyanes Mr. Charles Pierpont
  Dr. Cheryl Ganz Mr. & Mrs. Chip Pinckney
  Ms. Laura Lynn Gantzler-Was & Mr. Joe Was Mr. Willard Reitz & Mr. Jack Rudd
  Mr. & Mrs. Garry Geffert Mr. & Mrs. Peter Saunders
  Mr. Alan Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Alex Shaw
  Ms. Debbie Glaser & Mr. David Williams Ms. Julianne Smith
  Ms. Collen Greer Mr. & Mrs. Rich Snow
  Ms. Angela Griffiths & Ms. Mary Moorehouse Mr. Scott Sophos
  Mr. Bob Harkum Ms. Elizabeth Tyson
  Mr. & Mrs. Phil Hill Ms. Pamela Voelker
  IGive.com Mr. Rich Weber
  Ms. Quinn Jones Ms. Shawna Webster & Mr. Philip Cromwell
  Mr. & Mrs. John Juergens Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Wilt
  Mr. Rich Kendall Mr. David Womack
  Dr. John Liccione Mr. & Mrs. Tom Zentgraf
  Ms. Kristen Loken  


Benefactor Over $5,000
Patron Over $1,000
Friend $500 to $999
Supporter $10 to $499

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